A Prayer For A Time When You Cannot Connect To God

Most Precious Lord Jesus, Gentle And Wonderful God, Truly Awesome And Ever-present Holy Spirit, Precious Lord Jesus, I love you.
Where are you, Precious Lord?
Do you hear me, Holy One?
Lord Jesus, I know you are real but I am surrounded by the darkness.
I cannot find my way out.
I am trapped in this terrible place and I cannot see.
Please Lord Jesus, be with me now.
Immerse me in your love and grace for I cannot connect to you.
In my mind I know you are within me.
But there are walls, so many walls.
Come now and sit beside me.
Come now and tell me of the marvels of Heaven.
Come now and help me dry the tears in my eyes.
Come now and soothe the ache of my heart.
Come now and forgive me.
All these things I humbly pray in the name of my most Blessed Lord Jesus Christ, my Mighty God, and my Ever-present Holy Spirit upon whom I can rely. Amen