A Prayer For Wisdom To Make Decisions

O God of Peace,
O Holy Spirit,
O Wonderful Jesus,
I must make an important decision today.
I cannot see the future and I am not sure what path to take.
I am uncertain what to do.
However, I have you to guide me.
In whatever way you can, please help me do your will.
In whatever fashion you might work, give me wisdom to do what is holy in your eyes.
When I am confused, send your enlightenment.
When I am without information or knowledge, help me find a way to learn what I need to know.
Help me now to be your true child and do your will rather than my own.
Help me now live in true humility so whatever outcome happens as a result of this decision, may I live in peace as I glorify your name in all I say, think, and do.
In the name of God the Father,
Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit who lives within me and around me, Amen.