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Matthew 14:22 Immediately Jesus made the disciples get into the boat and go on ahead of him to the other side, while he dismissed the crowd. 23 After he had dismissed them, he went up on a mountainside by himself to pray. When evening came, he was there alone...(NIV)

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Because of my encroaching age and my many health issues I will not be able to make regular changes and updates to the Find The Power web site. I trust you have been blessed by this ministry. Thank you is not enough to say for your patronage. May the Lord bless you and keep you all of your days.

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Accepting Christ [Prayer_Pages]
Accept Christ [Prayer_Pages]
Access [Prayer_Pages]
Adore Adoration [Prayer_Pages]
Adversity [Prayer_Pages]
Affliction Afflictions [Prayer_Pages]
Affirmation Affirm Affirmed [Prayer_Pages]
Age [Prayer_Pages]
Alone/Aloneness [Prayer_Pages]
Angels [Prayer_Pages]
Anger/Angry [Prayer_Pages]
Answer/Answers [Prayer_Pages]
Antichrist [Prayer_Pages]
Ask/Asking [Prayer_Pages]
Backslide/Backsliding [Prayer_Pages]
Beauty Beautiful [Prayer_Pages]
Becoming [Prayer_Pages]
Being [Prayer_Pages]
Belief Believe  [Prayer_Pages]
Bigotry Bigot [Prayer_Pages]
Blessings [Prayer_Pages]
Best [Prayer_Pages]
Bible [Prayer_Pages]
Blind/Blindness [Prayer_Pages]
Bold/Boldness [Prayer_Pages]
Build/Building [Prayer_Pages]
Burden/Burdens [Prayer_Pages]
Call/Calling [Prayer_Pages]
Caring [Prayer_Pages]
Certain/Certainty [Prayer_Pages]
Change/Changing [Prayer_Pages]
Chaos/Chaotic [Prayer_Pages]
Child/Children [Prayer_Pages]
Child Of God  [Prayer_Pages]
Christ [Prayer_Pages]
Christís  [Prayer_Pages]
Christmas [Prayer_Pages]
Comfort/Comforting [Prayer_Pages]
Commitment [Prayer_Pages]
Communion [Prayer_Pages]
Compassion [Prayer_Pages]
Confess/Confession [Prayer_Pages]
Confidence [Prayer_Pages]
Conflict [Prayer_Pages]
Connection [Prayer_Pages]
Conscience [Prayer_Pages]
Console/Consolation [Prayer_Pages]
Content/Contentment/Contented [Prayer_Pages]
Control [Prayer_Pages]
Count The Cost [Prayer_Pages]
Courage [Prayer_Pages]
Cross/The Cross [Prayer_Pages]
Creation [Prayer_Pages]
Curse/Curses [Prayer_Pages]
Darkness [Prayer_Pages]
Death/Die/Dying [Prayer_Pages]
Deceive/Deceived/Deception [Prayer_Pages]
Defeat/Defeated [Prayer_Pages]
Decide/Decision/Decisions [Prayer_Pages]
Deny/Denial [Prayer_Pages]
Destination [Prayer_Pages]
Destiny [Prayer_Pages]
Determination/Determined [Prayer_Pages]
Depressed/Depression [Prayer_Pages]
Differences [Prayer_Pages]
Difficult/Difficulty/Difficulties [Prayer_Pages]
Disable/Disabled/Disability [Prayer_Pages]
Disappointed/Disappoint/Disappointment [Prayer_Pages]
Disciple/Discipleship [Prayer_Pages]
Discipline [Prayer_Pages]
Discourage/Discouragement/Discouraged [Prayer_Pages]
Distraction/Distract/Distracted [Prayer_Pages]
Doing God's Will [Prayer_Pages]
Door [Prayer_Pages]
Doubt/Doubts/Doubted [Prayer_Pages]
Dreams [Prayer_Pages]
Earth [Prayer_Pages]
Ego [Prayer_Pages]
Emptiness [Prayer_Pages]
Encourage/Encouragement [Prayer_Pages]
Energy [Prayer_Pages]
Enlighten/Enlightenment [Prayer_Pages]
Enthusiasm/Enthusiastic [Prayer_Pages]
Envy [Prayer_Pages]
Eternal Life [Prayer_Pages]
Eternity [Prayer_Pages]
Ethics/Ethical [Prayer_Pages]
Evil [Prayer_Pages]
Expectations/Expect [Prayer_Pages]
Failure [Prayer_Pages]
Faith [Prayer_Pages]
Faithfulness [Prayer_Pages]
Faithful [Prayer_Pages]
Fall [Prayer_Pages]
Family Of God [Prayer_Pages]
Family [Prayer_Pages]
Fame [Prayer_Pages]
Fast/Fasting [Prayer_Pages]
Fatherhood [Prayer_Pages]
Fault/Faults [Prayer_Pages]
Fear/Fearful/Afraid [Prayer_Pages]
Finding God [Prayer_Pages]
Finding [Prayer_Pages]
Follow/Following [Prayer_Pages]
Foolish/Foolishness [Prayer_Pages]
Forgiveness/Forgiven/Forgive/Forgiving [Prayer_Pages]
Forever [Prayer_Pages]
Found [Prayer_Pages]
Foundation [Prayer_Pages]
Fragile [Prayer_Pages]
Free/Freedom [Prayer_Pages]
Free Will [Prayer_Pages]
Friend [Prayer_Pages]
Friendship [Prayer_Pages]
Fruit Of The Spirit [Prayer_Pages]
Fruit [Prayer_Pages]
Frustration/Frustrated [Prayer_Pages]
Future [Prayer_Pages]
Generous/Generosity [Prayer_Pages]
Gift [Prayer_Pages]
Gift Of God [Prayer_Pages]
Giving Thanks [Prayer_Pages]
Giving [Prayer_Pages]
Giving Up [Prayer_Pages]
Glory/Glorious [Prayer_Pages]
Goal/Goals [Prayer_Pages]
Godly [Prayer_Pages]
Godliness [Prayer_Pages]
Godly Fear [Prayer_Pages]
God's Family [Prayer_Pages]
God's Compassion  [Prayer_Pages]
Godís Direction [Prayer_Pages]
God's Expectations [Prayer_Pages]
God's Forgiveness  [Prayer_Pages]
God's Grace [Prayer_Pages]
God's Love [Prayer_Pages]
God's Healing [Prayer_Pages]
God's Investment [Prayer_Pages]
God's Mercy  [Prayer_Pages]
God's Peace [Prayer_Pages]
God's Plan [Prayer_Pages]
God's Power [Prayer_Pages]
God's Presence [Prayer_Pages]
God's Promises [Prayer_Pages]
God's Protection [Prayer_Pages]
God's Purpose [Prayer_Pages]
Godís Reality [Prayer_Pages]
God's Tenderness [Prayer_Pages]
Godís Touch [Prayer_Pages]
God's Truth [Prayer_Pages]
Godís Understanding [Prayer_Pages]
God's Voice [Prayer_Pages]
God's Will [Prayer_Pages]
God's Wisdom [Prayer_Pages]
God's Word [Prayer_Pages]
God's _____ [Prayer_Pages]
Good and Evil [Prayer_Pages]
Good [Prayer_Pages]
Goodness [Prayer_Pages]
Grace [Prayer_Pages]
Gratitude/Grateful [Prayer_Pages]
Great Shepherd [Prayer_Pages]
Greed [Prayer_Pages]
Grief/Grieving  [Prayer_Pages]
Growth/Growing [Prayer_Pages]
Guide/Guidance [Prayer_Pages]
Guilt/Guilty [Prayer_Pages]
Harvest [Prayer_Pages]
Hate [Prayer_Pages]
Happy/Happiness [Prayer_Pages]
Heal/Healing/Healed [Prayer_Pages]
Health/Healthy [Prayer_Pages]
Heart [Prayer_Pages]
Heart Of God [Prayer_Pages]
Heartbreak [Prayer_Pages]
Heartache [Prayer_Pages]
Heaven [Prayer_Pages]
Help/Helping/Helped [Prayer_Pages]
Helping Others [Prayer_Pages]
Helpless [Prayer_Pages]
Hero [Prayer_Pages]
Hold/Holding [Prayer_Pages]
Holding Christ [Prayer_Pages]
Holy [Prayer_Pages]
Holiness [Prayer_Pages]
Holy Spirit [Prayer_Pages]
Home [Prayer_Pages]
Honest/Honesty [Prayer_Pages]
Honor/Honored/Honoring [Prayer_Pages]
Honoring God [Prayer_Pages]
Hope [Prayer_Pages]
Hopeless [Prayer_Pages]
Hopelessness [Prayer_Pages]
Humble/Humility [Prayer_Pages]
Humor [Prayer_Pages]
Hunger/Hungry [Prayer_Pages]
Ideas [Prayer_Pages]
Ignorance [Prayer_Pages]
Ill/Illness [Prayer_Pages]
Illusions [Prayer_Pages]
Immortality/Immortal [Prayer_Pages]
Importance [Prayer_Pages]
Impossible [Prayer_Pages]
Imprison/Imprisonment/Imprisoned [Prayer_Pages]
Infinite/Infinity [Prayer_Pages]
Injustice [Prayer_Pages]
Job [Prayer_Pages]
Joy [Prayer_Pages]
Judgment [Prayer_Pages]
Kindness [Prayer_Pages]
Kingdom [Prayer_Pages]
Kingdom Of God [Prayer_Pages]
Kingdom Of Heaven [Prayer_Pages]
Knowledge [Prayer_Pages]
Laughter [Prayer_Pages]
Law [Prayer_Pages]
Leadership/Leading/Lead/Led [Prayer_Pages]
Learn/Learning/Learned [Prayer_Pages]
Lie/Lied/Lying [Prayer_Pages]
Life [Prayer_Pages]
Light And Darkness [Prayer_Pages]
Limitations/Limit/Limited/Limits [Prayer_Pages]
Listen/Listening/Listened [Prayer_Pages]
Life/Living/Lived [Prayer_Pages]
Living Water [Prayer_Pages]
Lonely/Loneliness [Prayer_Pages]
Lordís Prayer [Prayer_Pages]
Lord's Touch [Prayer_Pages]
Loss [Prayer_Pages]
Lost [Prayer_Pages]
Love For God [Prayer_Pages]
Love Of God [Prayer_Pages]
Love [Prayer_Pages]
Managing/Managed/Manage [Prayer_Pages]
Materialism/Material [Prayer_Pages]
Maturity/Mature [Prayer_Pages]
Meditate/Meditation [Prayer_Pages]
Meek/Meekness [Prayer_Pages]
Mercy [Prayer_Pages]
Mind [Prayer_Pages]
Miracle/Miracles [Prayer_Pages]
Mission [Prayer_Pages]
Mistake/Mistakes/Mistaken [Prayer_Pages]
Money [Prayer_Pages]
Morality/Morals/Moral [Prayer_Pages]
Mountaintop [Prayer_Pages]
Mystery/Mysteries/Mysterious [Prayer_Pages]
Nation [Prayer_Pages]
Nature [Prayer_Pages]
Nature Of God [Prayer_Pages]
Nearness Of God [Prayer_Pages]
Need/Needed [Prayer_Pages]
Needs [Prayer_Pages]
New Agreement [Prayer_Pages]
New Birth [Prayer_Pages]
New Covenant [Prayer_Pages]
New Earth [Prayer_Pages]
New Heart [Prayer_Pages]
New Heaven [Prayer_Pages]
New Jerusalem [Prayer_Pages]
New Life [Prayer_Pages]
New Person [Prayer_Pages]
New Vision [Prayer_Pages]
Nourish/Nourished/Nourishment [Prayer_Pages]
Obey/Obedience [Prayer_Pages]
Obstacle/Obstacles [Prayer_Pages]
Oneness  [Prayer_Pages]
Open Heart [Prayer_Pages]
Open/Openness [Prayer_Pages]
Opportunity [Prayer_Pages]
Others [Prayer_Pages]
Pain [Prayer_Pages]
Past [Prayer_Pages]
Patient/Patience [Prayer_Pages]
Peace [Prayer_Pages]
Peace Of God [Prayer_Pages]
Perfect/Perfection [Prayer_Pages]
Permanence [Prayer_Pages]
Persecution/Persecute [Prayer_Pages]
Perseverance/Persevere [Prayer_Pages]
Plan/Plans/Planned/Planning [Prayer_Pages]
Plenty [Prayer_Pages]
Possession/Possessions [Prayer_Pages]
Possible/Possibilities/Possibility [Prayer_Pages]
Potential [Prayer_Pages]
Poverty/Poor [Prayer_Pages]
Power Of God [Prayer_Pages]
Power Of Humility [Prayer_Pages]
Power Of Love
Praise/Praising [Prayer_Pages]
Praying [Prayer_Pages]
Pray [Prayer_Pages]
Presence [Prayer_Pages]
Pride [Prayer_Pages]
Priorities [Prayer_Pages]
Profane/Profanity [Prayer_Pages]
Progress [Prayer_Pages]
Promise/Promises [Prayer_Pages]
Prophecy/Prophecies [Prayer_Pages]
Prosper/Prosperity/Prosperous [Prayer_Pages]
Protect/Protected/Protection [Prayer_Pages]
Pure Heart [Prayer_Pages]
Purpose [Prayer_Pages]
Question/Questions [Prayer_Pages]
Reaching [Prayer_Pages]
Reaching Out [Prayer_Pages]
Receive/Receiving [Prayer_Pages]
Reconciliation [Prayer_Pages]
Redeeming Sorrow [Prayer_Pages]
Rejoice/Rejoicing [Prayer_Pages]
Relationships [Prayer_Pages]
Remembering [Prayer_Pages]
Remembrance [Prayer_Pages]
Repent/Repented/Repenting/Repentance [Prayer_Pages]
Rescue/Rescued [Prayer_Pages]
Resolve [Prayer_Pages]
Respect [Prayer_Pages]
Responsible/Responsibility [Prayer_Pages]
Rest [Prayer_Pages]
Restore/Restoration [Prayer_Pages]
Resurrection [Prayer_Pages]
Revenge [Prayer_Pages]
Reward/Rewards [Prayer_Pages]
Rich/Riches [Prayer_Pages]
Right/Righteous/Righteousness [Prayer_Pages]
Risk/Risks [Prayer_Pages]
Rude/Rudeness [Prayer_Pages]
Sacrifice/Sacrifices/Sacrificed [Prayer_Pages]
Sadness [Prayer_Pages]
Salvation/Saved/Save/Saves [Prayer_Pages]
Salt [Prayer_Pages]
Satan [Prayer_Pages]
Satanic [Prayer_Pages]
Scar/Scars [Prayer_Pages]
Scripture/Scriptures [Prayer_Pages]
Security [Prayer_Pages]
Seed/Seeds [Prayer_Pages]
Seeing [Prayer_Pages]
Seek/Seeking [Prayer_Pages]
Self [Prayer_Pages]
Self-control [Prayer_Pages]
Self-denial [Prayer_Pages]
Self-discipline [Prayer_Pages]
Self-love [Prayer_Pages]
Self-pity [Prayer_Pages]
Selfish/Selfishness [Prayer_Pages]
Serene/Serenity [Prayer_Pages]
Servant/Servanthood [Prayer_Pages]
Service [Prayer_Pages]
Sick/Sickness [Prayer_Pages]
Signs [Prayer_Pages]
Simplicity [Prayer_Pages]
Sin/Sins/Sinned [Prayer_Pages]
Sincere/Sincerely/Sincerity [Prayer_Pages]
Small Things [Prayer_Pages]
Sow/Sowing [Prayer_Pages]
Speaking [Prayer_Pages]
Spirit [Prayer_Pages]
Spiritual [Prayer_Pages]
Spiritual Poverty [Prayer_Pages]
Spiritual Sight [Prayer_Pages]
Spiritual Truth [Prayer_Pages]
Spiritual War [Prayer_Pages]
Standing [Prayer_Pages]
Steadfast/Steadfastness [Prayer_Pages]
Strength [Prayer_Pages]
Stress [Prayer_Pages]
Success/Successes/Successful [Prayer_Pages]
Suffer/Suffered/Suffering [Prayer_Pages]
Support/Supportive/Supported [Prayer_Pages]
Supreme Sacrifice [Prayer_Pages]
Surrender/Surrenders/Surrendered [Prayer_Pages]
Sweet [Prayer_Pages]
Test/Tested/Testing [Prayer_Pages]
Tempted/Temptation [Prayer_Pages]
Tender/Tenderness [Prayer_Pages]
Thanksgiving [Prayer_Pages]
The Cross [Prayer_Pages]
Thinking [Prayer_Pages]
Thirst [Prayer_Pages]
Tongue/Tongues [Prayer_Pages]
Tomorrow [Prayer_Pages]
Touch/Touched/Touches [Prayer_Pages]
Trauma [Prayer_Pages]
Treasure/Treasures/Treasured  [Prayer_Pages]
Trial/Trials [Prayer_Pages]
Tribulations [Prayer_Pages]
Trouble [Prayer_Pages]
Trust/Trusted/Trusting [Prayer_Pages]
Truth/Truths [Prayer_Pages]
Turmoil [Prayer_Pages]
Unbelief [Prayer_Pages]
Understand/Understanding [Prayer_Pages]
Unselfish/Unselfishness [Prayer_Pages]
Uplift [Prayer_Pages]
Victory [Prayer_Pages]
Vigilance [Prayer_Pages]
View/Views  [Prayer_Pages]
Vision [Prayer_Pages]
Walk/Walking [Prayer_Pages]
Wants And Needs [Prayer_Pages]
War [Prayer_Pages]
Wealth [Prayer_Pages]
Weak/Weakness [Prayer_Pages]
When God Says "No" [Prayer_Pages]
Will Of God [Prayer_Pages]
Win/Winning/Winner [Prayer_Pages]
Wisdom [Prayer_Pages]
Wisdom Of God [Prayer_Pages]
Witness/Witnesses/Witnessing [Prayer_Pages]
Wonder/Wonders [Prayer_Pages]
Words [Prayer_Pages]
Work [Prayer_Pages]
Works [Prayer_Pages]
World [Prayer_Pages]
Worldly/Worldliness [Prayer_Pages]
Worry [Prayer_Pages]
Worship - [No Returns From Search Engine]
Worth [Prayer_Pages]
Young/Youth/Youthfulness [Prayer_Pages]



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