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Because of my encroaching age and my many increasing health issues I will not be able to make regular changes and updates to the Find The Power web site. I trust you have been blessed by this ministry. Thank you is not enough to say for your patronage. May the Lord bless you and keep you all of your days.



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Cut, Paste, and Pass-a-long Thoughts About The Wisdom Of Wisdom

God is love but man's wisdom does not recognize this truth. Without a religion based upon wisdom, a society, nation, or a family will crumble. The Bible was dictated by God and contains His wisdom. The Holy Bible has love and wisdom within its lines. A religious life is important but not as important as a spiritual life revealing the wisdom of God. A Christian is a person who has given all they own to Christ and who searches for His wisdom and truth. God will help you find His wisdom if you are willing to help Him by sharing and showing it in your life. A church should be a place where wisdom is discovered, integrated, and applied every day. Marriage requires wisdom, patience, and prayer. Marriage is sacred and holy before God and should be regarded as His instrument. Jesus is the Savior and Messiah. In prayer, you talk to God. In prayer, you can also listen and absorb His wisdom if you let Him talk back to you. Inspirational quotes of wisdom are like appetizers for the soul. In Bible study, you get more out of it if you search for wisdom and then apply it. Meditation on the love of God reveals the wisdom of His love. Religion and spirituality are the keys to human progress if humans are religiously and spiritually wise. Fear of death evaporates when you see the love and wisdom of God who sent Christ into the world to give you a place in eternity. The wisdom of a sermon needs to be taken in and digested if we are to absorb it. Getting advice is wise. Understanding the wisdom of relationship advice is easier than following the advice. Wisdom and inspiration from a Bible verse or from the Bible is a like a drink of living water. Faith based upon love and wisdom is unshakable. A Bible commentary is like a compass to God's wisdom. The wisdom that fear of God is not healthy is truth, yet the fear of God’s wrath can save your life for eternity. God encourages self-help based upon His love and wisdom. A Christian web site showing God's wisdom can be a blessing. Amazing grace is a song, but what is amazing is God’s grace and the wisdom He pours over us. An inspirational story full of His wisdom can change someone’s life. Jealousy displaces wisdom and is a waste of time and soul. Peace will reign after Satan inflicts his sting if we take the pain to Christ. A life without a goal is a life going nowhere and a life without a goal is a life in need of His wisdom and peace. Spiritual love for God begets love from God and results in wisdom, truth, and grace from Heaven. Goal setting is wise but this wisdom is not as important as goal getting. Hope is the fuel of life, wisdom is the map. A church online can beam His love and wisdom through the lines and cables. True worship starts and ends with absorbing His wisdom. Study the Holy Bible and you can be holy if you absorb His wisdom and love. Wisdom and encouragement can heal a broken life. Wisdom and grace is a goose-bumpy gift from God. Christ died just for you, hoping but not knowing whether you would accept Him. Christ knew you could experience a Holy Spirit transformation if you acquire the wisdom to accept Him. Saving grace can last you a long time, even into eternity. The Holy Spirit used to be called the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost put the fear of God into people. A spiritual gift given in love and used in wisdom outlasts a tangible gift. A Christian site on the Internet is like spitting into the wind at night with no moonlight and no flashlight. A small bit of wisdom a day can keep Satan away. Enlightenment only happens when you are ready to be illuminated by wisdom. Growth of the heart and mind in wisdom is God's will for you. Finding an inspirational saying and words of wisdom is easier than experiencing their power. Wisdom comes from making mistakes if we are not stupid. Growth in inspiration, wisdom, peace, and hope helps us climb the tree of life. Salvation cannot be purchased, traded, bargained for, exchanged for, or sold…you have to have the wisdom to ask for it. The Bible is a wisdom commentary on life. If you have faith no larger than a mustard seed, you could move a mountain. Personal development is possible only if we are committed to climbing up the mountains in our path, if we are willing to risk our life to get to the top, and if we use Bible wisdom to tell us which places to use as our footing. Christian humor is wisdom with a twist. The Holy Bible produces enlightenment to a soul eager to find the wisdom of the Light. The person who gives has more wisdom than the person who takes. Spiritual warfare begins to really heat up as soon as you accept Christ and get His wisdom in your heart. The Lord's prayer was given as a model of prayerful wisdom and truth, not as a saying to mimic. Giving good gifts of wisdom brings blessings. Personal development of your faith in wisdom is God’s will. A meditation thought full of wisdom is a good idea if the meditation thought is thought about. The true women of the faith were and are the ones who receive wisdom and grace at the Cross. Wisdom is best kept in the heart. Wisdom in a marriage relationship is as vital as oil in machinery. These thoughts are taken from a Shepherd's Care Ministries Site, Wisdom Minute, located at


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